About Our Organization

We Care Arts is a 501c3 organization with over 37 years of experience increasing confidence and artistic skill in a variety of individuals with varying disabilities and physical challenges. Our founder Terry Schalnat began in 1983, changing disabilities into possibilities in the basement of a recreating center. Since this humble beginning in 1983, We Care Arts has grown significantly. Our organization includes an executive director, board of directors and a volunteer staff who contribute more than 28,000 hours annually.


We work to enrich the lives of artists with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities. We have a dedicated team of trained volunteers who work alongside our staff to create a caring and secure environment for artists. In this safe space, participants feel free to engage in creative exploration. Guided by our vision that creating art compliments medical therapies, our program provides a working, artist-centric community. Our goal is for participants to show improvement in the following ways: confidence, focus, individuality, communication and responsibility. This personal growth leads to increases job, life and socialization skills.

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