Senior Home Repair

December will be a VERY EXCITING month for one local senior
couple! Scheduled for completion this month, is a complete
bathroom remodel allowing the Smith couple to have a walk-in
shower and wider handicap accessible door to get into the
Mr. Smith is a disabled Veteran and Mrs. Smith lost both of her legs
a little over a year ago due to an infection. Mr. Smith struggles to
get around, even while using a walker. He also requires full-time
use of oxygen due to major heart health concerns. He struggles to
get in and out of the bathroom because the walker will not fit
through the door. They both struggle severely with taking typical
showers due to their physical limitations. Mrs. Smith has been using
a bedside toilet and taking sponge baths for over a year.
Home Is The Foundation partnered with two local agencies to
complete this scheduled project by the end of the year.
The couple is thrilled to soon have the chance to complete daily
tasks with more independence safely in their own home!

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