Events cover a variety of topics and grade-levels. Guidance and support will be provided by lead event staff.

Whether you participate with the First Mad River Light Artillery with cannon demonstrations, or enjoy battlefield re-enactments, our group of volunteers are always at the ready!

Volunteering at KIND is a wonderful experience and a way for you to invest your time in helping children of your community learn and grow. Our volunteers have the power to change our kids lives for the better, one day at a time.

Kids between the ages of 8-12 can participate in cat and dog kennel activities or Paw Partners with their parent or guardian. Our Parent-Youth-Partner Program (PYPer) teaches children the importance of treating animals humanely and will prepare them for the responsibility of owning a pet, while allowing them to work side-by-side with a parent or…

Volunteers put food into plastic bags in preparation for placement into the backpacks. This opportunity is great for children 5 and older and recommended for Girl or Boy Scout Troops as well as other youth groups. Packing the backpacks takes approximately an hour and a half with varying times based on the number and speed…

You can help less fortunate kids in need by organizing a donation drive at school or work, or with your Scout, social or church group!

Helping as a general warehouse assistant by organizing toys, clothes, shoes, books, safety equipment and hygiene items.

Individuals or groups can assist in cutting, stuffing, and sewing (for those adept at sewing) our handmade teddy bears.

We are in need of volunteers to weed, water plants, pick produce, build additional beds, and plant for the upcoming season. Great for individuals and groups.

To exercise and socialize rabbits in the shelter, by taking them individually into bonding rooms or outside in the designated area for playtime on the Humane Society of Greater Dayton property.