Events cover a variety of topics and grade-levels. Guidance and support will be provided by lead event staff.

Sign up with a group for a day at the farm and your day will be well spent. At the end of the day, you and your friends will go home knowing that you have made a difference. TRI has plenty of opportunities for groups, so please reach out and find out where you can…

TRI is always looking for volunteers to help our students in class. These positions play a key role in allowing our students to achieve their goals and put a smile on their face. To learn more about becoming a Side Helper or Horse Leader. (March – December)

Bring your group out to volunteer at Agraria this spring and help us get ready to open our bike path! The Agraria-Yellow Springs bike trail will be a 1-mile connector between our site to the Village of Yellow Springs. We need your help in removing Out of Place Species (OOPS) like amur honeysuckle and garlic…

Summer session is seven weeks of field trips, swimming, service projects, talent shows and interactive educational days.

Homework help days and educational focused activities for 45 minutes then a Mindbender to get kids thinking outside the box, working as a team and just having fun. Parents and teachers provide two updates each session on their child’s education needs for teens awareness. Children are expected to bring in grade cards.

Mondays are faith days. Each session has a theme with faith integrated throughout. Kids will learn some Bible verses and participate in activities that will help them think critically and grow in their life skills.

Our week-long summer day camp relies almost exclusively on volunteers. Family members and friends of campers are encouraged to volunteer either with their camper or in another area of camp if they choose. We need help running the activity stations, leading groups, being buddies, and in other capacities. Siblings can be amazingly mature and are…

Whether you participate with the First Mad River Light Artillery with cannon demonstrations, or enjoy battlefield re-enactments, our group of volunteers are always at the ready!

Each of our talented volunteers are matched with one of our needs, in an area that compliments their interests and strengths. Whether you love music, enjoy gardening, or love making new friends, we want to help you find the place in our community where you feel you belong and can best serve our residents

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