Help running events in support of the Council.

Help raise funds for the Cancer Society.

The Downtown Dayton Partnership is frequently in search of great volunteers to help us put on fun events like the Dayton Holiday Festival, Art in the City, and more, as well as with other tasks and projects. We also occasionally help recruit volunteers for big downtown festivals and events put on by other organizations, such…

Join our engagement committee to help plan upcoming events such as the annual meeting, educational walks or programs like Monarch Tagging. The committee typically meets once a month and works together to create informative, meaningful and fun events.

BCWA provides opportunities to high school students who need service hours.

Volunteer needs may vary from camp but includes roles like camp nurse, check-in day support, pre-camp training support, etc.

Events cover a variety of topics and grade-levels. Guidance and support will be provided by lead event staff.

Our volunteers assist with various jobs at the store including: accepting donations, sorting/organizing, pricing, running the register, and more.

Essential duties include, but are not limited to: scheduling furniture pick-ups and deliveries; assisting with furniture pick-ups and deliveries; management of record-keeping for the furniture ministry; ; ensuring maintenance and cleanliness of furniture storage area; and inventory management.

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