Greeting patrons and orienting them to the Library, assisting patrons in researching local history, assisting patrons in genealogical research, using the microfilm and copying machines, and re-shelving material.

Assisting the Archivist in cataloging historical materials, assisting in researching materials and information requested by patrons of the Library.

Visiting the Miami County Court House and other local agencies to research requested public records, digital scanning and cataloging photographic images, data entry and many more activities.

Help keep the museum in good working order

Guide and Educate visitors on the History of Troy

Come have fun learning what it takes to visit with your pet, while experiencing real life situations. Our classes help pets and their owners gain the skills and confidence to work together to serve our community. ​Learn from our experts and get therapy dog certified.

Help with transporting rescued Shiba Inu dogs

Advise a 4-H member in their project work: help youth identify and set goals, create and implement a plan, and reflect on what they learned and would do differently next time.

Volunteer at an after school program, a summer program, camp program event or club meeting.

Assist a youth club leader with organizing meetings, speakers, and other logistics. Assist and/or mentor a 4-H volunteer who is serving as a project leader.