Help raise funds for the Cancer Society.

As we are getting started, we need help in all areas, including fundraising, food distribution, outreach, etc.

Join our engagement committee to help plan upcoming events such as the annual meeting, educational walks or programs like Monarch Tagging. The committee typically meets once a month and works together to create informative, meaningful and fun events.

BCWA provides opportunities to high school students who need service hours.

Volunteers are needed to help behind the scenes with marketing and grant-writing.

Homework help days and educational focused activities for 45 minutes then a Mindbender to get kids thinking outside the box, working as a team and just having fun. Parents and teachers provide two updates each session on their child’s education needs for teens awareness. Children are expected to bring in grade cards.

We are not a typical organization so we do not have a typical job requirement list for being a Goon Ambassador. We are looking for people that are excited about bringing a positive light into their city and are willing to put the work in to make it happen. This can obviously look a lot…

USS has a wide variety of challenging volunteer opportunities for all ages. Some volunteers assist in administrative duties, while others provide hands-on services. Opportunities are matched to a volunteer’s skills and interests.

In addition, USS offers opportunities for service and enrichment through the RSVP – Retired and Senior Volunteer Program – for seniors aged 55 and better. RSVP is a part of AmeriCorp Seniors. RSVP helps seniors find volunteer opportunities with non-profits and government agencies in Clark County.

The Historic Plaza Theatre is always in need of additional volunteers. We have an energetic, fast-paced, and social volunteer opportunity for anyone interested in the film industry or live events. Our show times are typically afternoons and evenings Wednesday through Sunday. We also have some morning and noon opportunities during the week. Volunteering opportunities include…

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