Advise a 4-H member in their project work: help youth identify and set goals, create and implement a plan, and reflect on what they learned and would do differently next time.

Volunteer at an after school program, a summer program, camp program event or club meeting.

Share your technical skills and knowledge to develop subject matter for curriculum/project sheets. Utilize your professional skills to assist with with creating marketing tools, graphic art, word documents, webpages, videos, online training modules, etc. Intern at your local Extension office with the 4-H program, a great resume builder.

Assist a youth club leader with organizing meetings, speakers, and other logistics. Assist and/or mentor a 4-H volunteer who is serving as a project leader.

Sit on a local advisory or county governing board to help determine program priorities.

Organize a club, or share your skills by teaching a club meeting workshop, devoted to your area of specialty.

Help by planning and implementing special events.

Assist / lead support groups and activities for those in recovery from mental health and addiction.

Help with maintenance projects around the homes.

Help raise funds for the Cancer Society.

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